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300 Click for offerI used to think that our system of higher education had pride of place among our institutions. But now I am less sure. Though I have long known that the system is far from perfect, its luster has recently been sullied by the issues raised in the lawsuit against Harvard, in which some Asian-American applicants are claiming discrimination, and by the college admissions scandal, in which some rich parents have been charged with cheating to get their children into top schools. Focaccia’s one of those things you get better and better at the more you make it, so why not try your hand at it? David Tanis has a recipe from the late Judy Rodgers, the chef and author of the wonderful “Zuni Café Cookbook.”

Iraq’s defiance further jeopardizes Mr. Trump’s goal of getting all nations to comply with sanctions after withdrawing from the deal to limit Tehran’s nuclear program last year. Already, European nations have set up a legal financial mechanism to do business with Iran, and China and India are resisting American efforts at prodding them to cut off oil purchases. Her family hired a young lawyer, Chester Alan Arthur, to file suit against the streetcar company for discrimination. Jennings won 100 years before Rosa Parks. And several follow-up suits later, segregation in New York mass transit came to an end.


TYPE ::MOUNTAIN BIKE“It was the most important point, completely dominating everything,” he said. “It was a defeat, but in the defeat the beginning of a success story, and of a national story as a small power.” It would, she said, combat a “sense of negativity and chaos” in the face of global warming. “We need to start providing answers.”

BRAND ::SPORTS SCOTTYThere are fewer distractions in text messages, but for Crawford, there are fewer people, too. On Facebook, the representative was able to reach millions. Still, he still prefers the quieter alternative. A lifelong defender of the poor, Mr. López Obrador often refers to his plans for Mexico as a grand transformation, placing his ambitions for the nation on par with those of its great leaders.

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“Going into the third (and) you have a lead, you’ve got to find ways to win those games,” Detroit coach Jeff Blashill said. As the riots continued, hospitals braced for the injured, who soon showed up with gunshot wounds or injuries from broken glass. But the hospitals, which barely had soap because of the shortages, now also had no electricity.

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Not really. When you play tournament golf, you’re there for a week, and then you go off to the next one, so you never really hang around and play lots of different golf courses. I probably played far less golf courses than people think. I haven’t played in many of the other great names. So too was Guy, who finished with 25 points. Back and forth the two stars went. For a time, it seemed as if they were the only two on the floor. They made shots from everywhere.

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CES 2018: CNET's complete coverage of tech's biggest show. Most Democratic primary voters aren’t this rigid in their desires and simply want to win. Moreover, the most hard-core members of each of the factions above might not represent more than a tenth of the party’s primary electorate.

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“You can’t tell the person who owns the house next to you that they can’t sell to a transgender person,” Ms. Lieu said, though an informal contract among the residents does codify an agreement that each would find a lesbian buyer. An Uber spokesman, Grant Klinzman, called Mr. Gandonou’s death “a horribly tragic incident,” adding, “our hearts go out to the grieving family.”

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